This organisation, which delivers emergency services to the public, has an outright priority towards saving lives. The organisation manages a portfolio of over 100 buildings within a large region in England. The facilities team is small, and based out of one building, with compliance forming just one part of its role.


Due to the size of the organisation’s facilities team, efficiency is a high priority. Managing a task remotely for over 100 buildings where the team is without a central storage function requires a large amount of resource, including having the document saved in multiple places, and potentially stored in hard copy too. If anyone wanted or needed access to this document, knowing whether the latest copy was being sent carried the potential of uncertainty. Getting documentation controlled wasn’t straight forward and required a lengthy admin process which demanded a lot of the team’s time.


Mo:dus has enabled the organisation’s facilities team to securely store all its documents in one central place, increasing accessibility as users don’t need to be in a specific office or on the company network to view them. The bespoke permissions feature allows the team to give relevant access to third-party and internal users without worry.

As nothing is kept solely on site, and is stored centrally in an online hub, managing unmanned sites is far easier. The ability to add different categories and sub-categories creates a bespoke service, which enables the team to keep track of all critical compliance.

Making work life better

Being able to control everything from one location has made the remote compliance management easier and given the facilities team more control.

Contractors can now upload documentation directly to the dedicated online hub and, if someone requests to see any compliance documentation, access to Mo:dus can be provided and the details will be sent to the user automatically.

Mo:dus has significantly reduced admin time and improved document control by streamlining and simplifying compliance management, enabling the organisation to focus on its main priority – saving lives.

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