Digitise your compliance management

Keep on top of your built environment compliance for renewals and remedials and spend less time manually reviewing expiry dates. Mo:dus gives you one version of the truth for everything compliance related, displaying all your legal and business critical documents in a dedicated online hub. Designed for practical compliance management for total peace of mind that your entire business is compliant, anywhere, anytime.

Property and facilities management – Assets – Contracts – Health & Safety – Supply chain – People – Insurance

Ensure highest levels of compliance in building certification

Unlike using a filing system or excel database, Mo:dus securely stores all your documents in one central hub, removing the manual intervention element to save time and increase effectiveness.

Asset life cycle management 

Improve the testing and management of your compliance programmes via the central scheduling calendar with RAG reminders, reducing the risk of any lapses in regulatory or critical mandatory certification renewals.

Achieve successful supplier partnerships  

Mo:dus helps your procurement teams manage the credentials and relationships of contractors and suppliers by issuing prompts for renewals, compliance certification and keeping a digital record of the critical documentation whilst keeping previous versions for audit purposes. through achievement of KPIs and commercial and legal compliance. By removing barriers to sharing of information, Mo:dus increases transparency and ensures achievement of KPIs and commercial and legal compliance.

Proactive management of insurance renewals and premiums   

Mo:dus improves visibility of important policies and expiry dates by issuing automated reminders for early reassessment of premiums and associated cost, helping you to maximise your budget and achieve best value.

The big benefits to make your work life an efficient one

Streamlined compliance management

Report and audit on the go

Actionable insight at your fingertips

Everything in one place

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