Insights for confident decisions

The more data that goes through Mo:dus the greater the generation of business intelligence. The engine takes all kinds of data inputs and collectively understands what information is valuable to an organisation in improving its productivity and results. The machine learning capability means that Mo:dus will highlight when trends form and proactively suggest improvements, and also alert when something is out of the ordinary.

Reports – Alerts – Push notifications – Dashboards – IoT – Integrations

Seamless business system integration

Mo:dus is built in a way that easily allows push/pull integrations ultimately helping clients get things done more efficiently where it could take years of capital intensive development with traditional database style software packages.

Installing Mo:dus is quick and simple. It is a plug and play integrator that will work with any existing systems and there’s no investment in implementation costs. Mo:dus works on all online-enabled devices so it’s like having your business in your pocket, freeing you up to go about your day.

The big benefits to make your work life an efficient one

Freedom to do more with your working day

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Connected for the future

Trended data for continual improvement

Case studies by sector