Simple and tailored data capture tool

Mo:dus offers a simple drag and drop interface with built in QR code generator that allows you to design, customise and implement bespoke data capture tools for feedback, quality auditing or surveys in order to easily and simply gather data to shape how or what you deliver based on the outcomes you require. The user friendly and intuitive platform means you’ll have complete control over the entire process and reporting, allowing you to make improvements along the way.

Survey – Audit – Feedback – Analyse – Trended learning

Covid symptom tracker

The symptom tracker is an example of a valuable workflow powered by Mo:dus.

Designed to monitor the signs of Covid-19 and support organisations’ back to work plans, the tracker collects daily Covid symptom data through a simple step by step health survey which can be completed at any time, on any device. The tracker shares the latest self-isolation government guidance based on the information given, mitigating the risk of spreading the virus by staying at home. It also indicates the trend of self-isolation to highlight whether there is a localised spike in cases meaning that early mitigation actions can be put in place to reduce further risk of transmission.

The big benefits to make your work life an efficient one

Actionable insights on business specific data

Enhance delivery outcomes

Real-time alerts to promote quick response

Ensure quality assurance

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