The Wensum Trust is a not-for-profit sponsor of primary and secondary education, providing continuity of experience from nursery to sixth form. The trust has the highest aspirations for all children in its academies and works tirelessly to help pupils reach their full potential.


A varied portfolio of 10 academies across Norfolk brings a number of compliance requirements that go far beyond the typical fire, electric and asbestos. The biggest challenge for the trust is the complexity of managing these schools – its estate manager can only be in one place at any given time.

When schools join a trust, they have different dates for when different requirements are due. Managing multiple compliance obligations with different deadlines was becoming extremely time consuming.


Mo:dus digitised the trust’s compliance management by allowing the team to securely upload all important documents to one place on a single system. The RAG status reporting and automatic emails notify the trust when obligations are due, without having to manually search for renewal dates in an extensive spreadsheet. The amber warning is also used by members of the team to remind them to get appointments booked in with contractors in plenty of time, as they’re typically very busy.

Making work life better

Mo:dus provided a simple, easy to use digital solution which holds all necessary information to effectively monitor and manage compliance levels across the entire trust. The trust’s team now has the freedom to prioritise their time on guaranteeing compliance in all areas and managing it effectively, knowing they will be automatically notified of any upcoming renewals and remedials as and when needed.

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Happy productive workforce

Streamlining processes and tasks

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