This international banking and asset management group works across the Channel Islands. The group manages compliance, among other tasks, remotely from one office where its small facilities team is based. Its offices are spread across the Channel Islands.


As the team is based in one office, on one island, getting documentation controlled from there wasn’t straightforward and a digital solution was needed to streamline and simplify the remote compliance management.


Mo:dus has provided a secure online hub that can be accessed at any time, from any device as long as an internet signal is available, so the team doesn’t need to be in one specific office or on the company network to access important compliance documentation.

The flexibility of the system means that the team can add whatever it wants, whether this be lease management that prevents it from missing rent reviews or break clauses, or specific financial compliance. The team is now able to track it all and understand the real time compliance status across the portfolio.

With the bespoke access permissions assigned to each individual user, they will only see what they are required to see. Relevant access can be provided to contractors, who can upload and view documents such as the asbestos register, before they arrive on site. Certain access rights can also be provided to directors who may want to see progress of their organisation’s compliance.

Making work life better

Mo:dus has digitised the group’s paper-based tasks, reduced administration time and streamlined and simplified compliance management to give the group a clear understanding of its real time compliance status.

The team no longer has to send multiple emails when someone asks to see compliance documentation, as access can be provided through Mo:dus and once someone is added, details are automatically emailed to the user.

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