The organisation has been a key player in the facilities management sector for over 30 years with more than 14,000 employees working across 1,000 customer sites.


The nature of frontline work in facilities management means that the biggest challenge faced by the organisation is communication and engagement with its employees. Not all of its teams come and go from a head office, or even regional offices, every week or month. Many employees working at client sites may never need to visit the company’s office. Having colleagues with different types of roles and varying degrees of contact and engagement, an effective digital platform was of critical importance to create a sense of company culture for all of its people.


Designed to simplify time-consuming admin tasks, improve collaboration and break down barriers to engagement, the successful deployment of Mo:dus meant that the company could successfully connect with its people and provide them with the resources they need, in a way that works for them.

Mo:dus has provided a genuine communications and engagement platform that every single colleague in the business can access for everything from payslips and holiday booking, career opportunities, recruitment/onboarding information, to news from around the business, health and wellbeing content and community activities.

Since March 2020, the company has used Mo:dus to effectively communicate with its teams throughout the lockdown period, ensuring all employees were kept up to date with relevant information and remained engaged if they had been furloughed. The platform allows tailored messages for specific groups of employees to ensure that only the relevant information is shared and delivered instantly to the right people, wherever they are based.

The flexibility of the system has allowed the company to digitise its return to work processes, ensuring that colleagues are able to track and manage Covid symptoms and receive appropriate guidance for coming to work.

Making work life better

Mo:dus has been a genuine success for this organisation, and is a sterling example of how facilities management organisations can digitise while delivering real benefits to their people. With a remote workforce of more than 14,000 people, automating activities like requesting holiday or being able to check your symptoms and receive appropriate health advice on Covid-19, are significant developments.

Mo:dus has enabled the company to create a digital community that allows its people to collaborate on issues that are important to them. For example, the company created guidance and advice to the 27% of colleagues who were impacted by Brexit. Through Mo:dus it was able to identify those individuals and provide them with the resources to support them and their families, to help them manage their settlement status and protect their jobs.

Every single employee in the organisation now has a digital footprint removing the complexity of deploying new features or external third-party technologies, as Mo:dus allows instant integration for all users.  

All employees are able to participate and feed into the process of developing Mo:dus, improving engagement and the effectiveness of the platform. In 2020, one colleague logged into Mo:dus every 1.5 seconds.

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